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The Minangkabau Culture
of Padang

Minangkabau culture is the culture of the Minangkabau ethnic group in Indonesia, part of the Indonesian culture. The traditional house of the Minangkabau people, is called Rumah Gadang. The rumah gadang is made in the form of a rectangle and is divided into two front and rear parts, generally made of wood, and at first glance it looks like a stilt house with a distinctive roof, prominent like a buffalo horn, the local people call it Gonjong and the roof was formerly made from palm fiber before changing to a zinc roof.[8] This rumag Bagonjong according to the local community was inspired by the Tambo, which tells of the arrival of their ancestors by boat from the sea. Another distinctive feature of this traditional house is not using iron nails but using wooden pegs, but strong enough as a binder.

The pacu jawi is a traditional bull race in Tanah DatarWest SumatraIndonesia. In the race, a jockey stands on a wooden plough loosely tied to a pair of bulls and holds them by their tails while the bulls cover about 60–250 metres  of muddy track in a rice field. Although the name means a "bull race", the bulls do not directly compete against each other, and no formal winner is declared. Instead, spectators judge the bulls by their performance (mostly their speed and their ability to run straight), and have the ability to buy well-performing bulls, albeit at well above usual price. 

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