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The flag of malaysia By pau pak ngah ; 64th Independence day 2021

Pau is  a delicious, warm, fluffy treat of stuffing wrapped inside a sweet, white dough. Pau Pak Ngah began its journey in 2004, at the time when the soft white bun with all the flavours (at that time) made by his wife and children in their cozy home. Made daily, the pau were also sold on a daily basis in a roadside stall.

More than a decade along journey, Pak Ngah’s children Muhammad Afiq Roslan & Nur Afifah Roslan are the second generation into the family-run business continuing their father’s idea. By giving a new breath and insight, Pau Pak Ngah rose to another level with all of the unique & exclusive flavours that they have introduced.

Rebranded in 2018, Afiq & Afifah have modernized the concept of Pau to suit the era of globalization. Nevertheless, the traditional methods to ensure the quality and taste of the pau are still inert in their methods.

On 64th of Malaysia Independence Day (2021), Pau Pak Ngah made a huge flag by arranging  colourful Pau(s) which were made special for Independence and Malaysia Day. 394 pau(s) were used which 72 blue pau(s) (coconut flavour), 140 red pau(s) (red bean flavour), 140 classic white pau(s) (kaya flavour), and yellow pau(s) (chocolate flavour).

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